PLC Panasonic with Master Slave & Modbus RTU

For this type of test with a FPX-C14R PLC from Panasonic (Nais), it is programmed in FPWIN PRO and FPWIN GR, its protocol of communication is Mewtocol referring to downloading of strategy of programming and communication with other industrial equipment of panasonic, Also it disposes Of the Modbus RTU protocol both as master and slave, a COM4 communication cassette that has 2 Port 1 (RS485) / Port 2 (RS232) communication ports appears for our tests.

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Tests carried out

We have done 2 tests, configuring in the first case the PLC as Slave and the second as Master we will validate the communication with a simulator connected via RS232 / usb.

PLC Panasonic Slave Modbus RTU RS232

To configure the PLC as Slave requires the following:

PLC Panasonic Maestro Modbus RTU RS232

To configure the PLC as Master requires the following:

  • Configure and associate serial communication port with Modbus protocol
  • Create strategy with Modbus F145F146_MODBUS_MASTER communication functions.


Since in most of our integrations we will use this PLC as an industrial component between both Master / slave configuration modes, we exalt the configuration as a slave since it is more practical and does not require the creation of strategy.

We consider the prototype modbus the communication protocol par excellence, it is free easy implementation, robust in debugging of errors and it is implemented in a great amount of programming languages and a lot of industrial controllers bring them by default.

In future tests we will implement it on open source platforms such as Arduino.


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